Volume 6!

Welcome to the first issue of Volume 6. Our summer issue has it all—poetry, fiction, two art galleries and an interview with David Yezzi! We’re making a few changes this year and we hope you’ll be patient with us as we move into this new phase. We’re beginning to publish more chapbooks and other projects (more news soon!) and we’d like to become a paying market, meaning, we’d like to be able to pay writers and artists for the work that appears in AQ. This may mean that our Volume 5 print edition (which is running a little late but will be coming out in the next month) will be our last annual for awhile. We may do some version of an anthology, but the annuals have become more of an expense than we feel is sustainable. Unfortunately, sales of the annuals are pretty sparse. If we put a hold on them for awhile, we’d have a budget to pay for work and ultimately that’s the model we strive for. We’ll still publish our 4 issues online and keep an archive of all work that appears in AQ, as we have always done.

Okay, so with that bit of housekeeping out of the way, ENJOY! And stay tuned for more news…

We have a new contest call for September! See it here.