It’s been quite a month

and now, you no longer know how to be left alone
without wanting to crawl out of your own body

You are helter-skelter on the floor
and I’m trying to salvage your shoulders:

darling, let me take this moment to remind you
that you’ve always been swimming
in the water that you’re made of

so know that this cannot drown you

Soon, seagulls will start returning to your hairline
and nightingales will flock at your shore

you will listen to how the flightless earth
is crooning you a love song

and join in




Leonor Morrow is a poet and photographer from Taos, New Mexico. She plans to study Culture and Politics at Georgetown University. She still uses a thesaurus even though she knows plenty of words, and she thinks that sums her up pretty well. Visit her blog at www.leonormorrow.tumblr.com.