The Lord of Divine Intervention
rings her ethereal dinner bell.

The chosen ones
travel the cold road of awakening
each winter,
expanding at their edges to keep warm.

Birds and tires
draw sacred geometrical shapes
upon the newly snowed path,
to guide their way.

Discarded arm chairs sit by the side of the road awaiting trash day,
seeming worthless in their yellow and torn paisley.

The chiming bell persists—

Kundalini crawls back into bed.
Shades drawn,
night cap on.

Initiation is naked in her livingroom—
seated like a white lotus
possessing the Spirit of Kwan Yin’s body
and the mind of 6 cans of Spam stacked high in a pyramid.

The pulse, the pull,
the unconscious cocooning new arrivals.

Kundalini wrestles to release from her slumber
Initiation rises
The calling, stronger than the resistance,
They emerge—

A rickety wart nosed old woman awaits their arrival at the gate
She collects their secret passwords—
oxblood, liason, spandex pants
“You may enter.”



Jennifer Lothrigel is a poet and artist residing in the San Francisco Bay area. She creates intuitively, drawing from the mystery of her body and soul, then weaves her findings together. Her work has been published in Trivia - Voices of Feminism, Narrative Northeast, Lavender Wolves, 13 Myna Birds, Cordella Magazine and We’ Moon.