is a very important
art form often misconstrued
as a sleep,
two words—
it is not a sleep,
nor is it really anything,
but it will appear
in the glossary
with a definition
I will have made up.
Its root is Pachyderma,
which you should
look up, and dermatology,
which you shouldn’t—
I suppose
it should be
but that wasn’t what I meant
by pachydermatology,
so I suppose
it’s actually most often misconstrued
as an actual word.
Now I have a migraine™
and a fear
of anything
involving multiple
juicers and blenders,
perhaps a Darwin Award
for the living
to remember the dead—
I have a migraine™
and a perfect grain,
and submerged in milk
just like me,
hates milk like me,
probably gets called corn
like me,
everything is like me—
Icarus and Dickarus,
studying the flight
of a metal bird
as it collides with a plane
and rides the euphoria,
unfettered by rheumatoid delusions
of grandeur
and narcissism
and the wings
of Dickarus
protecting whatever instinct
ego protects—perhaps id?—




Corinne Vicario attends the Fine Arts Center, an arts magnet high school. She edits for Crashtest magazine, an online magazine which publishes high school students in various art forms, and she has received Regional Gold and Silver Keys from the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.