My life collects in my belly
washes up though my gut
leaks from my eyes

I don’t look the world in its face
I draw themes from other roles
the group leader
the family scapegoat
the child of an immigrant

I store messages on their behalf
let that be a warning
you were unplanned
you became your father’s favorite

I carry infant myths and terrors
send them into my adult bloodstream
to oxygenate organs

Words climb the length of my spine
pause behind my eyes
filter through my inner ear
leave by my inner mouth
settle on pages that are mercifully blank

on good days I join hands with the others
we breathe in harmony and they tell me what to write

one day a poem will prise my eyes open.



Mori Glaser grew up in the UK and moved to Israel 35 years ago. She has written and blogged for non-profits. Her poetry and flash has appeared in journals and anthologies including Unbroken; The Ekphrastic Review; Vine Leaves coffee table book of vignettes; Between the Lines Anthology of Fairy Tales and Folklore Reimagined; Akashic Books web series Thursdaze. She won 3rd prize in The Molotov Cocktail's 2017 Shadow Award.