In its time on this earth the Brooklyn-based band Nymph has uncompromisingly stood true to their brand of world-inspired spiritual psychedelia. The project is helmed by guitarist Matty McDermott, who's as influenced by Ali Farka Touré as he is Sonny Sharrock.
   For over a decade, Nymph has gone through both big and small changes in lineup, including different singers, horn, and percussion players, all while managing such feats as being the backing band of free jazz legend Arthur Doyle (as the New Quiet Screamers) and working with Neneh Cherry (jazz trumpeter Don's stepdaughter) on a remix of her song "Golden Heart." Currently, the band is a five piece with vocal duties taken on by Piya Malik, and in recent live performances the band has delved into some of its most spiritual territory yet. One of the highlights being a cover of "Don't Worry, Be Happy" which would sound more at home on Pharoah Sanders' Tauhid than paired with the original.
   They have two LPs to their credit, 2010's Nymph, which was self-released then subsequently put out by Social Registry, and 2013's New Millennium Prayer released on Northern Spy. Check out the opening track of New Millennium Prayer "Beyond" for a solid glimpse into Nymphs otherworldly shredding sounds.


Ryan Hamilton is a musician living in Brooklyn. He was previously a member of the bands Columboid, Vaz, and Coyote. These days, he’s one-third of the gritty, experimental trio, Myriaid. And he is newly appointed AQ’s Quarterly Music Contributor.