No else or ones or onlys such
No so or yets or nevers do
Not grace not gulp not backing smear --
Off stop but slits but honeys fear
Off groan then end then prowling musts
Each pit these chirps these woken bads
Each dirt to died to flashing sigh
No else or ones or ever ats.



Daymake candles grinning new
As almost firstings light us
Flicker hearts these swaying points
Our telling lives our yellowglows
All ages gone and holders held
Such foliage new and coming’s kiss
How dawnmost candles feel like May
For circles lift bring bright inside
For lit and flowing days of make.



Hiram Larew's poems have appeared most recently in Two Hawk Quarterly, FORTH, Lunaris Review (Nigeria), right hand pointing, Seminary Ridge Review and, Viator. He lives in Maryland, and is a global food security specialist. You can find him on Facebook at Hiram Larew, Poet.