The fire beckoned, the flames dancing to an unknown
Rhythm, the rhythm of before.  The earth, charred and twisted sang the
notes of hope, the melody ever lasting and pure. 
The stars, the only thing that remained unchanged cry for the earth, the
Glistening like those they came.  And then they fall, the stars, the ones that
we all bear origin, the guardians, the ancient ones. Hope, love, trust,
everything that might have once been considered good falls.  And the earth
gives one last moan of agony and joins it’s ancestors in their endless
plunge, the inferno blazing out, the light fading from all that exists, all that
will ever be.
For from fire came the earth and to fire it shall return.



Viola Casper-Schulte has been an avid reader and writer since she can remember. She is a 12 year old student about to turn 13. She attends a New York City public school called Quest To Learn. Although she lives in Brooklyn, she loves nature and animals. She often reflects on the bigger picture, existence, and the enormity of the universe. These thoughts find their way into her writing.