I watched you once, from afar
As you lay undisturbed among writhing waves
Headed for a taut, inky sky, which crashed
In anticipation.

A body sank through the water, not yours
Face tranquil, her arms unfurling
In a fractured embrace.

Water churning in lungs, yours.
Pungent salt pervading your tongue.
And the sea shedding its murky skin
For blackness.

In the end, it’s alright.
You will have eras to descend, gracefully,
Into unchartered depth.





The last time I saw you, you were a memory too old for the records that line my sapphire shelf. A pilgrimage to the most silent parts of archaic towns. Towns that have roofs at their thresholds, music in the farthest corners of their lanes. A pine in the garden. A verse from the manuscript perched upon winter feathers. A mid-air staccato, an orchestra of the moon dissolving in the sea. A street without a name. A desert too old to house a mirage, an ocean too young to welcome a flood.




When you’re not here, I can smell your absence from the way curtains hang frivolously from the window, leaves rustle thin in air, the dearth of birdsong.


Sometimes I wished every sea turned into a road, so you could walk your way home, barefoot. So you could keep telling yourself it was easy to come. So you could keep coming to places you’ve never lived in before. Places like the banter of bougainvillea, the yellow of autumn trees, the unerring sound of always.


Sanvitti Sahdev is a sixteen year old student living in India who derives pleasure from writing and graphic design. Find her at valicis.com

Trivarna Hariharan is a seventeen year old author whose work appears or is forthcoming from Vayavya, Eunoia Review, Unbroken Journal, Random Sample Review, Textploit, TheOriginalVanGoghsEarAnthology, Bougainvillea Road, HIV Here and Now, Mad Swirl, Quail Bell, Germ, Paper Lens, The Criterion, On The Rusk, Allegro and elsewhere. She serves as the Editor in Chief at Inklette, the Head Officer For Journalism at Redefy, and Poetry Editor at the Corner Club Press. Her first poetry collection Home and Other Places is slated for a 2016 release by Nivasini Publishers. Her poetry chapbook, The Necessity of Geography, is forthcoming from Flutter Press.