PAINTING A STAGE by Mael-Sanh Perrier

A plain blue canvas for a heart to paint on.

ENTER (stage right)
Virtue. A few pretty little yellow rays.
ENTER (stage left)
Envy. A sick, sick green splash.
ENTER (stage right)

Passions. Some conflicting browns.
ENTER (stage left)
Obligations. A deep crimson red.
ENTER (stage left)
Hate. Dark spots.
ENTER (stage center, upstage all)


Mael-Sanh Perrier is a 10th grade student at the Lycee Francais de New York who enjoys reading poetry and theater as well as both classical and modern novels. He has little experience in writing poems, having only appeared in his school's literary magazine for the first time last year. Other interests include guitar and martial arts and his favorite English-language poet is Robert Burns.