Palm trees
can be purified.

Their estrangement
is a life worthy
of marvel.

A palm tree
can ponder.

It is relaxed, sipping
chlorine cocktails.

A palm tree pleas.

A palm tree is poured on our ailing skin.

We lose supple daytime.



I am buttered up
in dreams of herbal

Withdrawal being thus better.

A wilted flower
cries foul in my sleep.
Come dawn I see
my bedside lamp
still lit.

A wilting flower cries
“bring me a bee.”

But there is no bee

just me.




Jude Macannuco is currently a student at Winchester High School in Winchester, Massachusetts. His poetry has appeared in Plasma Dolphin, an online, teen-run zine of which he is a regular contributor, and he is also an editor of his high school’s newspaper. In the summer of 2015, Jude partook in the YAWP Summer Teen Fellowship at Grubstreet, a writing hub in Boston, MA. This fellowship culminated in a public reading of a poem at the Boston Athanaeum.