Alexandria Quarterly’s Emerging Artists & Writers series was created to promote the work of young makers-of-wonder (17 years old or younger) who are discovering their voice and developing their craft. The idea is to highlight their talent and insight and to hopefully inspire a continued engagement with the arts.

The Emerging Artists & Writers Award will be given annually to one series contributor to use in whatever way they feel best serves their craft--whether it's to help him/her pay for art supplies, take a class or a workshop, go to plays and performances, or put it back into his/her own community for art and writing programs. The recipient will be chosen by the editors and announced in June.

If you would like to donate to the fund, you can do so at the top of this page and we'll send you a little gift as our way of saying thank you for your support!

Congratulations to the 2016 Alexandria Quarterly Emerging Artists & Writers Award Recipient: Farah Ghafoor!

Farah Ghafoor is a fifteen-year-old poet and a founding editor at Sugar Rascals, an online teen literary magazine. She believes that she deserves a cat and/or outrageously expensive perfumes, and can’t bring herself to spend pretty coins. Her work is published in places like alien mouth, Really System and Synaesthesia, and has been recognized by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. Farah is the 2016 recipient of the Alexandria Quarterly Emerging Artists and Writers Award.

Find her online at

And read her work in AQ here!

photograph by Farah Ghafoor

photograph by Farah Ghafoor

Congratulations to Djuna Carlton!
 2015 Alexandria Quarterly Emerging Artists & Writers Award Recipient

Djuna Carlton was born and raised in Northern New Mexico. She owes her creativity to her family and friends. Now a senior in high school, she draws and writes avidly. Art has always been a deciding factor in her life and will continue to guide it throughout. 

To see Djuna's work, click here.