Susan Conrad is an impressionistic, expressionistic, coloristic painter. Recently her painting has evolved into a more personal expression. She uses life events, emotions and story to produce internal landscapes that are joyful and disturbing, colorful and dark. Her art conveys transformation out of pain, isolation and fear into freedom, connectedness and hope. These diametrically opposing elements frequently occur simultaneously. Optimistic bright, happy colors and shiny metallics mix with uncontrolled, mysterious black or dark imagery. Without dark there can be no light. This interesting juxtaposition embodies the universal spiritual journey.



Susan Conrad has been making art her whole life, getting sidetracked by careers in between, mostly in publishing. She has studied at SVA, the Art Students League, FIT, Parsons and various workshops around the country. However, she has decided she is her best teacher. She is currently having a love affair with New Mexico and hopes to move there one day.