"In my paintings, I build up layers of ink, paper shreds, collage, medium, gesso, spray paint and found objects. Each piece alludes to environmental issues with paper shreds and other discarded or abandoned materials, as I create these raw paintings. While my paintings favor traditions of abstraction, I create systems to suggestion the human figure or a landscape. Another aspect of my painting work is the process of employing photography via Photoshop, as I combine aspects of the paintings into new images from photograph to painting and painting to photograph."




Originally from Denver, Colorado, Aimee Hertog received her Bachelor of Arts from Bennington College and her Masters of Fine Arts at Montclair State University. She has been in several exhibitions across New York City including two solo exhibitions with the arts non-profit, Chashama. In 2011, she was awarded ‘Best in Show’ at Wide Open 2 at the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition, chosen by Guggenheim curator Nat Trotman. In 2014 her art was featured in the Huffington Post and the Star Ledger. As a curator, Aimee has curated group shows in Brooklyn including: Captured Transience (2012) at the Trestle Gallery, Toxicity (2013) at the Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, Layers at City (2014) at Without Walls and the Grotesque Taxidermy of the Feminine Mystique (2014) at the Governor’s Island Art Fair.