AQ'S MAD & MOONLY is our newly named Emerging Artists & Writers page. We're excited to expand this category into a mini-mag of its own. The response to our calls for work from artists and writers 17 years old and younger has been so positive, we've decided to make a larger space devoted to these talented young magic-makers. Up first, Sabine Holzman & Angel Wang.


By Sabine Holzman

i want you to press your body to my body
at the ice of our origins, to lie with me
as wolves lie, breathing each other’s breath
my need teething / your need teething back

you look at me—
you look at me like a cascade of light,
you look at me through mutilation

& in that moment you, like me,
are a form of violence,
pure like wilderness, vicious like loss.

ours is a love story ten degrees below zero. ours
is a love story where our breath freezes & fuses
in the cold, ours is a love story where

i taste the word want, remember
that you are the ache / are the animal / that lives in my ribs
you are the need i want to devour & be devoured by
enrapture & be enraptured by

you are the need i feel on the ice field

& i think of you, a form of tenderness
afforded to keep us brutal,
to keep us savage

not because you are human
but because i am not


Sabine Holzman is a poet and student from California. Her writing has been recognized by numerous contests, including Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, Chapman’s Annual Holocaust Art and Writing Contest, From the Bow Seat’s Ocean Awareness Contest, and been published in numerous small lit mags. In her free time, she enjoys linguistics, Iceland, exilliteratur, and horror movies. You can find her at



Born in Taipei, Taiwan and raised in Shanghai, Angel Wang is an 16-year-old avid believer in the power of visual arts. Whether if it's watercolor, collage, painting, or photography, visual expression is always the most impactful and effective way of communication for Angel.
"In my work, I try to investigate the relationship between the individual and the society and the construction of individual and collective consciousness. The photos (here) are about the combination of fear and fantasy, nightmares and dreams. The collage (cover page) is about the diversity of New York City and how it is built by people's hope and dreams."

See more of Angel's works on